Jazzconnexion is a project initiated to remedy the lack of contemporary jazz in Eastern Bohemia by offering the widest possible choice of jazz in its many forms. Jazzconnexion incorporates modern jazz, free jazz, jazz with folk elements, and experimental jazz fused with electronic and contemporary chamber music. Only contemporary exponents are represented.
Project manager: Zdenek Zavodny

Ostrovy v pohybu / Islands in Motion

“Islands in Motion” means a strong regional centre for creating and representing contemporary independent theatre and dance. This is all part and parcel of establishing an open creative space. Between 25 and 30 performances are represented each year. Residential stays which allow for new performances by both regional and foreign groups and individuals, are included. Studio 29 provides space for local theatre and dance, and supports young writers as part of the project, which it carries out in conjunction with Terra Madoda. Project manager: Jiri Dobes


Electroconnexion has been demonstrating how to use the latest digital media and technologies in as many artistic and cultural activities as possible. This goes beyond computer art to subsume the various forms and trends of interaction between people and technology. Czech and foreign artists attempt to raise interest in, and encourage the use of, electronic culture and technology, and to stimulate theoretical reflection in, and discussion of, contemporary digital art. Project manager: Jaroslav Tarnovski

Etnoconnexion - Traditions in Motion

Etnoconnexion has been representing musicians inspired by folk or ethnic music since 2007. Artists who follow the musical tradition of a particular culture while remaining true to its roots are represented as are those who enhance folk music with whatever elements contemporary music places at their disposal. The project encompasses: „Tradition in Motion“ – the music of Central and Eastern Europe as far as the Carpathian Mountains; „City folklore“ – Czech neo-folk music and associated topics; „Foreigners in Bohemia“ – the music of foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic whose work reflects the influence of the traditional music of their country of origin. Project manager: Zdenek Zavodny