110 sittings spectators
variable stage and auditorium


12x FHR 1000
2x GHR 1000
14x FHR 500
8x PAR64 CP62
4x profil 1000 25°-50°
4x ETC junior 25°-50°
2x strand 650 quartet 15°-25°
2x AHR 1000
1x Selecon chorus 1200 followspot
2x manfroto
2x skupo
6x ground stands

Lighting desk: Zero 88 FLX S48 2U  


mixing desk Midas Venice f 24
mixing desk Allen & Heath ZEDi-10FX
mixing desk Soundcraft FX 16 * 16 inputs
2x active PA speakers JBL PRX615
2x active PA speakers Proel Smart 12A
2x active PA speakers Proel Smart 10A
CD player, DVD palyer, MD player, Tapedeck
2x PA stands


1x data projector NEC VT460K (VGA, S-VHS, RCA)
1x data projector EPSON EH-TW 5200
1x Blu-ray player
2x DVD player
1x diaprojector
1x screen 3 x 4 m


4 separately controlled gridirons

Street View

Ground Plan

There is a lockable cloakroom with shower for performers.


Divadlo 29

For more information please contact
Jakub Slováček
mobil: 776 786 909